Wendy Karina Martinez was an avid runner known to run se...

The United States said it was ready to resume talks with ...
Colombia has relieved the negotiating team at peace talks...

Avid jogger stabbed to death in Washington's Logan Circle neighborhood

Wendy Karina Martinez was an avid runner known to run several miles across the city. She lived close to where the stabbing occurred, police say.




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U.S. ready to resume North Korea talks, seeks denuclearization by 2021

The United States said it was ready to resume talks with North Korea after Pyongyang pledged on Wednesday to dismantle its key missile facilities and suggested it would close its main Yongbyon nuclear complex if Washington took unspecified actions.

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Colombia vacates ELN peace negotiator posts until talks resume

Colombia has relieved the negotiating team at peace talks with ELN rebels of their posts in a planned move, the government said on Wednesday, adding the posts will remain empty until the group meets Bogota’s preconditions to restart talks.

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Sen. Grassley wants to know by Friday whether Christine Blasey Ford is willing to speak

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has set 10 a.m. Friday as the deadline for Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team to respond to his request for her to speak to the committee regarding her sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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Japan’s Abe to face Trump trade challenge after likely win in party vote

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was expected to win a ruling party leadership vote on Thursday, setting him on track to become Japan’s longest-serving premier and try to cement his legacy, including by revising the pacifist constitution.

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Yogurt May Not Be So Healthy If It’s Pumped Full Of Sugar

Yogurt selections like this one at a Los Angeles 365 by Whole Foods Market store are getting larger, but a new U.K. study warns that many contain lots of added sugar.

A study of some 900 yogurts sold in supermarkets in the U.K. found a shocking amount of sugar is hiding in this so-called healthy food, particularly in organic yogurts.

(Image credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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Rep. Garamendi: This is a defining Me Too moment

Rep. John Garamendi speaks to CNN’s Jim Acosta about what he would tell Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault .

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Claire McCaskill says she's voting 'no' on Brett Kavanaugh

Sen. Claire McCaskill had said she found the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were disturbing but would “set them aside” when deciding her vote.




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Divisive Brazil election careens into ‘dangerous’ polarization

Brazil’s presidential campaign, already the most divisive since the end of military rule three decades ago, is growing increasingly polarized each day and raising concerns about the future of the country’s democracy.

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Chevy Chase slams 'Saturday Night Live' as the 'worst (expletive) humor in the world'

Chevy Chase, one of the original stars of “Saturday Night Live,” has a few choice words for his former home on television. “It just drives me nuts.”




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